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[ RL-230850 ]
BrightSign is a low-cost solution built from the ground up for creating
interactive digital signs and kiosks.

Product Overview
BrightSign is a low-cost solution built from the ground up for creating
interactive digital signs and kiosks. A variety of connections provide
flexible options for using high-def flat panel displays, standard VGA LCD
monitors and just about any audio out. Pre-built templates and custom
scripts can be used to add compelling interactivity with buttons,
keyboards or touch screens. With BrightSign, it?s easy to create highimpact
digital signs using high-def slides or looping video created with
familiar editing tools. Forget about working with complicated PCs or
low-quality DVD players. BrightSign is your one-stop solution.
Unlike a PC, BrightSign is reliable, low-cost and built from the ground
up to create interactive digital signs. BrightSign has no moving parts
and no complicated operating systems, and its rugged steel enclosure
easily mounts to walls, shelves, cabinets, or racks. Pre-built scripting
templates and connections for most displays, speakers, touch screens
or buttons make BrightSign a powerful solution for all kinds of
interactive digital sign and kiosk projects.
Target Market
BrightSign is designed for small businesses, merchandising departments,
retailers, and installers that want to drive in-store advertising
and promotions with digital signs or kiosks. It?s easy to get up and
running without an IT department. Content can be created using
familiar off-the-shelf photo or video editing tools to accomplish
common tasks like playing a looping video or slide shows from a
CompactFlash card. More custom displays will make use of BrightScript
scripting, a concept familiar to web developers. BrightSign?s built-in
scripting support and connectivity options are used to create compelling
interactive experiences with unprecedented simplicity.
Automatically plays DVD-quality video and audio from
CompactFlash card
Automatically plays slide shows in high definition from
CompactFlash card
BrightScript for powerful interactive displays and kiosks
Decodes standard MPEG2 files up to D1 resolution in real time,
and scales video to a standard-def or high-def output resolution
Supports multiple audio channels and switching between them
Drives standard VGA, Component, S-Video or Composite displays
Two USB host ports for connecting touch screens, keyboards,
or speakers
Control port for driving LEDs or accepting button or custom inputs
Create content using industry standard video and photo
editing tools
Easy in-field software upgrades via flash cards
No moving parts

• Optical SPDIF audio output.
• DB9 Male RS232.
• DB25 Female for LED output and Switch input, as well as supplying 100mA of 3.3V power.
• 10/100 Ethernet Auto-MDIX and Auto-polarity switching.
• Two high speed USB host ports.
• DB15 VGA video connector.
• Triple RCA jacks for Component Hi-Def output (Y-Pr-Pb). This port can also output composite
video and S-Video.
• 3 stereo 1/8” mini plugs for audio output
• 2.5MM Power plug for 5V power input at 2.8A.
• IR receiver for 38KHz IR reception.
• Front panel LEDs for status.
• Front panel Switch for user input (Typically used to switch screen resolutions)
• 4 in 1 flash slot for SD/MMC/XD/MemoryStick flash cards.
• Compact Flash slot for CF cards.

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